A: Quint State will be held at the Tate Center at the University of Georgia. There is a parking garage located next to the Tate Center. Conference attendants can park there.
A: Since there are three types of presentations given at Quint State each presenter will have slightly different needs. Posters presenters will need to provide their poster while round table and presentation presenters will need a powerpoint. If your proposal is accepted you'll be provided a list of required materials.
A: Quint State is a conference for students by students. It is a joint effort between five universities (Auburn, Virginia Tech, University of Georgia, University of Tennesee, University of North Carolina) since the name Quint State. Quint State's goal is to allow students to practice professional skills while collaborating with future colleagues. The majority of students come from human development and family studies degrees but any student who is interested is welcome to attend.
A: If you need to cancel your presentation or registration please e-mail us at quintstateuga@gmail.com. Please attempt to inform us of any changes or cancellations with at least one week's notice.
A: Because Quint State's goal is to help students prepare for their professional career there is no charge to attend. In fact, Quint provides housing and food through out the conference making the cost of attendance even lower.
A: Each year the sponsoring university providing a housing option for conference attendants. This year University of Georgia students and faculty will be opening their homes to visiting students. Students will be paired with a host and be able to stay with that host for the duration of Quint State. If you have any concerns about housing be sure to include it on your registration information.
A: All proposal submissions will have a decision by December 1, 2014. If you have not received your proposal information by this time please e-mail us at quintstateuga@gmail.com
A: The 2015 Quint State Conference will be held at the University of Georgia's Tate Center. For directions click here.
A: Check out the Quint State blog at http://quintstate2015.blogspot.com/ for more info. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for e-mail us at quintstateuga@gmail.com